Manuka Honey 10+, 250g from New Zealand 2017 Active

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NZ $22-28 / Unit | 3600 Unit/Units Prices vary depending on market price of honey (Min. Order)
Supply Ability:
50000 Unit/Units per Month The Manuka Honey season is very short and supply ability varies.
New Zealand
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Quick Details
Product Type:
Place of Origin:
New Zealand
Brand Name:
Our House Brand or Private Label
Model Number:
Manuka Honey
Dark Brown
UMF 10+
Shelf Life:
48 months +
Brix (%):
18 %
Weight (kg):
0.25 kg
None (100% Pure)
Max. Moisture (%):
16 %
Diastase Activity (%):
50 %
Reducing Sugar (%):
24 %
Nectar Source:
New Zealand Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium)
Manuka Honey Certification:
MGO and/or UMF
UMF 20+ Manuka Honey
Package Type:
Plastic Jar
Honey types:
Natural Manuka
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Our honey products are packaged in labelled bottles or jars, or as specified by the customer.
Unit sizes range from 250g, up to 2 kg.
Bottles packed in boxes to customer specifications.
We can label with our own brands, or with a customer supplied design.
Delivery Time
15 days
Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is well known for its rich heath benefits and delicious taste. And it is only certain Manuka Honey sources in New Zealand that can have these health benefits. To find out more, see more for further information regarding Manuka Honey.

Waimarie NZ can supply Manuka in varying qualities and blends depending on the customers requirements from low grades / honey blends to pure 100% manuka honey rated to UMF 20+. See below for more information regarding quality levels.

The best, most pure and beneficial honey in the world comes from New Zealand, and only Waimarie NZ Ltd has unprecedented access to New Zealand’s leading independent apiarists. We source only the most pure honey for our customers in the varieties and blends of their choice: Manuka Honey (UMF 5, 10, 15, 20+), Kanuka Honey, Beech Honey, Forest Honey (Rewarewa and Kamahi trees), and Clover Honey.

Contact us to find out more about how we can meet your requirements and supply you with the worlds leading honey.

Product Type:
New Zealand 'Active' Manuka Honey (100% Pure)
New Zealand
Honey Type:
100% pure Manuka Honey
Packaging Type:
Plastic jar, labelled and boxed
Unit sizes:
250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, or as specified by customer
'Leaf', or OEM / Private Label
Dark Cream to Dark Brown
1,000 Units
Manuka Explained

Manuka Origins

Manuka honey is a monofloral honey produced in New Zealand from the nectar of the Mānuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium). The short flowering season produces many small white or pink flowers in spring. The very short 6-week season sustains only a small supply of genuine Manuka Honey and so supply is always limited.

Not all Manuka Honey is the same

'Active' Manuka honey is unique for it's amazing health benefits. 'Active' Manuka Honey contains anti-bacterial compounds exclusive to 'Active' Manuka Honey, one of which is called Methylglyoxal. Only certain strains of the Manuka Tree found in only the most remote parts of New Zealand can be classified as 'Active' containing the critical health benefits. It is only through independent laboratory testing that the Activity level can be assured.

Testing and Certification 

There are two different Manuka Honey registered certification methodologies and quality systems that measure the level of the unique signature compounds: MGO™/MG™ (Methylglyoxal Manuka Honey System) and UMF™ (Unique Manuka Factor). Both test for the Non-Peroxide Activity or 'NPA'. NPA Ranges from Lower levels MGO 83 | UMF 5+ up to high levels MGO 829 | UMF 20+. The higher the certified NPA levels, the higher the quality and better health benefits.

Manuka Honey without these certified NPA levels are very low grade Manuka Honey and do not have the antibacterial health properties, however they retain the same look, smell and taste. Manuka honeys that carry only a ‘total activity’ or ‘peroxide activity’ rating do not have this special NPA property and should be considered low-grade honey.


Manuka MGO, UMF, NPA Rating Comparison

Below is a chart to help you compare the Manuka Honey ratings:

Minimum MGO™ Level*
UMF™ Rating
Minimum NPA**
UMF 5+
UMF 5+
UMF 5+
UMF 10+
UMF 12+
UMF 12+
UMF 15+
UMF 15+
UMF 18+
UMF 20+

* MGO is measured as mg/kg (ppm)
** NPA is measured as % solution (%w/v) of phenol/water

Examples of how to read this table:
> UMF 15+ honey has a minimum MGO 514.
> MGO 400 honey would be rated UMF 12+ (or UMF 10+).
> MGO 550 honey would be rated UMF 15+.
> UMF 20+ honey has a minimum MGO 829.

Counterfeit Manuka Honey

Due to the very limited supply of manuka honey, most Manuka Honey sold globally is fake, or other honey types falsely labelled as Manuka Honey. To ensure the Manuka Honey you source is genuine, follow the following guidelines:

1) Only Manuka Honey produced in New Zealand can be 'Active'

2) Only Manuka Honey supplied by a reputable New Zealand company, like Waimarie NZ Ltd, can sell a genuine manuka product.

3) Only independently tested and certified Manuka Honey with the MGO™ or UMF™ rating can be assured to have the active antibacterial compounds and thus are of high quality. The supplier will be able to produce the test results which can be verified by the lab.

If the Manuka Honey you are buying does not meet all 3 of these criteria then your honey is either low-grade (no health benefits), or not 100% pure Manuka honey at all.

Brands and Labels


Our house honey brand is recognized for it's quality and purity. Leaf 100% Manuka Honey is sold all over the world in North America, Europe and Asia. Use our brand and taker advantage of this and save time without the need to design a new brand or label.

Other Labels

We have access to a number of different honey brands and labels for you to use and to add your own logo. This ensures a fast turn around without having to design a whole new label to suit your needs.

Private Label

We can affix your own label to our honey products. With a supplied design and brand we can arrange for printing and incorporate your label in the bottling process to ensure your brand represents the purest honey in the market.

Our Advantages

Over 15 years experience

Waimarie NZ Ltd has been operating for many years and has unprecedented access to New Zealand suppliers of high quality natural products.

5 Year Gold Supplier Member

We have been actively selling on Alibaba for many years including
5 Years as a Gold Supplier Member. 

Access to New Zealand's Purest

Our relationships with suppliers of the highest quality raw materials is what drives our customers continuing success.

Packing & Delivery

Bottle Options

We typically bottle our NZ Manuka Honey products in plastic square jars: 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg. Let us know if prefer another jar or size.


We box and seal our Manuka Honey products ready for shipping in a variety of sizes to the customers preference.


We will assist you with getting our natural NZ Manuka Honey products to you.

Company Profile

Waimarie NZ Limited offers a complete contract manufacturing service of private label natural health and food products. We process a vast product range and are enthusiastically committed to meeting your formulated product needs and working with you towards ongoing product development.

As a contract manufacturer we produce various supplements and brands to individual needs. Our processes include formulating, raw material source and supply, blending, encapsulating, powder filling, bottling, labelling, packaging and shrink-wrapping. We are happy to provide you with a single process service right through to a complete ready for retail product. We specialise in Manuka Honey and other NZ Honey, Abalone, Garcinia, and other natural and pure New Zealand materials.

Our quality assurance systems and designed/built facility has been structured and implemented to comply with today’s GMP Standards.